Duluth Public Schools seek family, staff input on fall planning

Families with children in Duluth Public Schools, along with ISD 709 staff, are being asked to take part in surveys related to fall planning.

According to district officials, planning follows MN Department of Health and MN Department of Education school guidelines with student safety as a priority. It’s also important that plans address the academic, social and emotional needs of all students.

“While we’re working with three scenarios provided by the state, it’s also important for us to understand the needs of our families and staff,” said John Magas, Superintendent. “This week we’re sharing family and staff surveys to understand the questions, concerns, needs and thoughts about starting school in the fall. Family and staff feedback is vital.”

The Family survey can be taken online at www.ISD709.org/FallPlanning2020. Hard copy surveys and self-addressed stamped envelopes are available at the following locations:

Weekdays, 9:00AM – 3:00PM, Historic Old Central

Third Street Entrance, 215 N. 1st Avenue East

Weekdays, 11:00AM – 12:30PM where Summer Meals are distributed:

Laura MacArthur, 720 N. Central Avenue

Lowell, 2000 Rice Lake Road

Myers-Wilkins, 1027 N. 8th Avenue East

Piedmont, 2827 Chambersburg Avenue

Stowe, 715-101st Avenue W.

Denfeld, 401 N. 44th Avenue W.