Duluth Public Schools Notebook

New Duluth Public Schools hires:

. Anthony Bonds, assistant superintendent

. Joanna Walters, Duluth Denfeld assistant principal

The hiring process included application review, background and reference checks, a performance task and two rounds of interview, the last with input from a diverse team which provided feedback on leadership qualities through survey.

“With key positions within our district leadership team open, we were faced with the task of determining the most thoughtful way to fill these roles for both the short and long term,” said Superintendent John Magas. “We had an amazing pool of candidates, especially in the final round, and the decision of who to select was difficult. Choosing when all of the candidates were highly skilled and qualified to serve in the roles was challenging. Educational leaders, whether at the school or district level, provide crucial support to children, staff and families. Student success is directly impacted by their leadership.”