County plans chip sealing work in Hermantown, Duluth

St. Louis County Public Works will apply chip sealing on a number of county roads in Hermantown and Duluth this week and next. Motorists should expect lane closures and delays while the work is being done, and are encouraged to slow down when traveling on these roads in the days following the work.

Chip sealing is a technique that preserves and protects the pavement, extending the life of a road on average 10-15 years. It is typically applied to roads within a year or so of when they were resurfaced, and involves a two-step process. First, oil and small rocks are applied, followed later by a fog seal, which eliminates any loose aggregate.

The schedule may change depending on weather and other factors, but is expected to be as follows:

On Wednesday, chip sealing will be done on the roundabout at Midway and Maple Grove Road. Maple Grove Road will be closed at Ugstad Road and Solway Road and vehicles will not be allowed to turn onto Maple Grove Road from Midway Road. The closure is expected to last from about 6 a.m. through 2 p.m. Anyone traveling on Midway Road during this time should allow extra time and expect a delay.

Beginning Thursday, and continuing into next week, both St. Louis County and the City of Hermantown will be working on multiple roads applying chip sealing, resulting in closures of up to four hours. Priority will be to work on busier intersections during early morning hours to minimize impact on drivers. The roads include Maple Grove Road, Loberg Avenue between Maple Grove Road and Highway 53, Market Street between Westberg and Haines, and Westberg Road between Maple Grove Road and Market Street.

During the week of July 20, chip sealing will be done on multiple roads within the City of Duluth, though are expected to have less impact on motorists. The roads include Haines Road between the railroad tracks and Morris Thomas Road; Highland Street between 57th Avenue West and Skyline Parkway; 57th Avenue West between Cody Street and Highland Street; and Lester River Road between Superior Street and Strand Road.

As always, drivers should slow down and use caution any time traveling in or near a work zone.